Q. Are there any individuals who should not undergo body composition testing?

People with implanted defibrillators or pacemakers should not be tested. Although the electrical current that is sent through the body is extremely low, it is not recommended.

Women who are menstruating will not get accurate results due to subtle changes body water.

Pregnant women have been tested for their nutritional status and water balance. However, due to changes in water content for pregnant women, some of the results should not be interpreted as accurate

Q. Is the in body accurate?

Historically, in body technology has been met with scepticism, however in body has addressed the issues with upgrades in technology and a greater precision of accuracy making the in Body test TGA approved and 98% accurate when compared to the highly regarded DEXA scan.

Q. How long do the tests usually take?

Typically, the InBody test takes roughly 2 minutes in totally whilst the cellular wellbeing analysis takes approx. 5 Minutes and 10-15mins for the report to return to us.

Q. Isn’t BMI enough to diagnose obesity?

NO – We have a blog post explaining why

Q. Why do you test hair?

We go into detail on this on our solutions page under cell wellbeing analysis. Simply put the hair stores information about your cellular profile for up to 90 days where blood, saliva and urine information frequently change unlike hair

The test was developed by a German physicist, where the information processed by our machine is sent and decoded by a highly advanced machine in Germany where the report is then sent back to us with accurate information about your cellular profile. The report is based upon epigenetic hemodynamic and bio information stored in the cells

Q. When will I get my results

Unlike most medical test that take weeks to get results back you will get your results back within 15 minutes

Q. What if I have no head hair can you still test?

You certainly can! We simply take 2 hairs from each eyebrow instead.

Q. Do you use Empirical data?

No we do not. Age, race, gender, has no relevance to our test results. The results are specific to the individual tested.

Q. Can DNA be detected?


Will hair sprays colours or dyes affect my test results?

No, however we do prefer to wait 5 days from a treatment.

Q. Does the test hurt or harm me?

The test is harmless. We use no radiation only low frequency electrical currents. The most invasive part the test is when we take 4 strands of hair from your head.

Q. Can you explain, how the 90 day protocol acts?

A. Simple: The Protocol that you will follow for the next 90 days is meant to restore harmony in your body, allowing for the build up of your intrinsic systems such as the immune system, the reproductive system known as the genitourinary system, your cardio and cerebro vascular system, your gastro enteric system etc., keeping microbial opportunism down to a minimum. It has taken a while for your body to respond to the things you have lived through. It will therefore take at least a full three cycles of 90 days to naturally optimise. Congratulations for taking the first step. You should be very proud of this.

Also remember, A virus can be present in the cellular body, even though it has not been activated. To become activated the virus first needs to attach its self to a bacterium.

The stomach has a wide range of bacteria some good (Probiotics) some bad (microbes, parasites, worms, mould, etc.) When the virus attaches itself to a bad bacteria it can then multiply and present as a symptom.

The body’s defence system (immune system) is important because it can then reduce an activation of a virus or fighta converted virus or reduce a virus from multiplying.

Epigenetics can indicate a viral signal even though it has not been activated

Optimising the cellular body is a positive preventative measure.

Q. Do you recommend supplements?

We do believe in nor recommend man made or synthetic supplements. Only real natural foods, broken down into powder or seed form

Q. Do you Store our personal data?

Simply put no, your name, email address and phone number is not recorded for any use other than to send you information and packages you desire.

Q. Is OnTrackEating for everyone?


Becoming a client of OnTrackEating will only benefit you if you are serious about owning and impacting on your health and wellbeing. If you are looking for a quick fix magic pill, potion or excuses then we are not the company for you.

If you are serious and want to make real change and improvements to your health and wellbeing, not only are we for you. We want you!